Precious Tots Family Daycare
Rose Gervais
9 Trenton Lane
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 835-9277 or email

Licensed since: July 2012
Capacity: 6+2

Masters Degree in Education. Taught in the public and private schools for 20 years.

Precious Tots Family Daycare, is a family daycare that provides a clean, safe, and nurturing environment for children of all ages. As an educator with a lot of experience, I decided to open up my own daycare and work out of my own home, using a lot of my own educational materials. This allows me to stay at home with my son, who is now a toddler. In my program, there will be many opportunities for fun playtime, storytime, dancing, singing, arts and crafts, and playing musical instruments. I also, own a big parachute that can be used in my large backyard. My curriculum is developmentally appropriate for all ages. I am CPR and First Aid certified. I live in a quiet neighborhood, with a swingset and two sandboxes. I participate in the state food program, to ensure proper nutrition for children, and healthy eating habits. I am a member of the Family Childcare Providers Resource Association (FCPRA).
  • Hours of operation 6:00am-5:00pm
  • Flexible hours to help parents
For more information please call me at 508.835.9277 or Email me @

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